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Thread: Replacement Key

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    Hi Guys,

    When I bought my fortwo I only received one key and need to get a spare. I contacted my local smart dealer (newbridge) and asked about price etc and all I got off the lady was "I think its about 190 but I'm not sure - you would need to book it in".

    Firstly, I ain't booking it in until I know how much its going to cost. Surely there must be a fixed price for something like this or does it change depending on something in your car they need to see?????

    I also tried a few local smart independents in Livingston but they say the have to buy in all the parts from Mercedes so they will charge whatever it is that the dealer will charge.

    Is this my only route; going to the dealer and forking out a fortune? Does anyone know of anywhere around Edinburgh/Livingston that can do this sort of thing cheaper or is it pretty fixed? I see that the wellsmart website sells the fobs for 55 and another 11 for the blade plus 50 for programming but they are in somerset so too far to go.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Replacement Key

    I think its about 190 but I'm not sure - you would need to book it in

    you should have challenged this person to give you a proper costing - WITHOUT the damn car or booking in.
    It's a simple pricing up!

    wellsmart sell those parts at very similar prices to smart themselves, because they buy them from smart!.

    So first of all you need to go and order the parts (price checking first) from any smart dealer OR wellsmart etc, then booking in for a programming session to code the car to the new key at whoever offers the best price.
    (The programming costs are a TAN licence fee of 20 and the rest is labour (Shouldn't be more than 1/2 hour)
    This is where the costing will differ.. along with any variance in how much they sell the hardware to you at. - shop around

    The car needs to be presented to the dealer/independant dealer along with both keys to code it up properly on a star diagnosis kit. (You can't do the programming on any other kit)

    Whereever you choose, I'd not choose this dealer you've already dealt with - they've not given a good impression, have they really.

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    Default Re: Replacement Key

    don't know if he can, but did you try McSmarts in Airdrie?

    Alternatively, Zerocool (a member on can also do key tans! He's in the north end of Cumbria.
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    I asked for mine a few years ago and it was around 180, all you need to do is take your V5 down there and they order a spare key for your V5, it's to prove you are the owner.

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    Default Re: Replacement Key

    I have just completed the mission of getting a spare key.
    I went to a local key copy store (in UK) years ago to get the blade copied. Got two for a tenner IIRC. Then I got a fob from wellsmart for 50 and then went to MB for coding it. I paid them as little as 36 for this. Possibly because the chap that did it is a member of our norwegian forum and skipped 0.3 hours labour for the job. (He told me the job takes just a few minutes, but as long as they have to wait for the tan code to arrive, the clock is ticking)
    My spare key is now in two pieces, as the blade would need some machining to fit the fob, but I dont mind.
    Total cost; Less than 100

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